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Red lipstick has always been a classic and glamorous look, but most women don’t know how to wear it right. So here are some tips on how you can look as if you just climbed out of a 1940’s Rita Hayworth movie.

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50 Shades of Red

With so many different shades of red to choose from, how do you know which is the right shade for you? Choosing the perfect red can be a daunting task. But whether they have pink, blue or orange undertones, the key is to try on as many as possible.

Keep in mind it’s not just your skin tone that you need to compare it to. You need it to match your eyes and hair as they can affect how the colour will look on you. The right shade will bring out your cheeks’ redness, will make your eyes sparkle as well as make your skin look fresh and radiant.

Follow the Lines

No one wants their lipstick to bleed when they’re out on a date. You can prevent this by applying a lip liner along the inner lines of your lips. If you can’t find a lip liner that matches your lip stick rather go for one that’s as close as possible or one that matches your lip colour.

Before applying a lip liner, be sure to apply a lip balm for crakes or flakes. If you want to get the perfect cupids bow, you need to draw an X on the top of your lip so that the top of the X frames the bow. To create an even base and make your lipstick last longer, fill in your lips with the liner after you’ve lined them.

Go simple

One of the most important rules when wearing red lipstick is to never match it with heavy make-up. Keep the rest of your make up as light as possible if you don’t want to look like you belong in a circus.

Do this by keeping the rest of your make-up casual and understated. Use a soft blush and mascara; to make your eyes pop apply it on your bottom lashes. If you really want to wear eye shadow go for a neutral colour that’s not too dramatic or bright.

Applying your lipstick

When you’re applying the lipstick make sure to do it evenly and generously. This means doing it before leaving the house and not in your car mirror. Start from the centre of your lips and work it outwards, for more control use a lip brush or your pinkie to blend it out.

Then take some tissue paper and blot your lips by placing it between them and pressing down, then apply a second coat. To avoid getting lipstick on your teeth, place your index finger in your mouth and gently press your lips around it. Slowly pull your finger out in order to remove the excess colour.

Having the perfect red lips doesn’t have to be reserved just for classic cinema beauties. With the above tips and you too can rock the look that Coco Chanel would be proud of.

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