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The Good Wife Season 6 (Spoiler alert)

The good wife

Fans of the Good Wife will be please to hear that the season 6 premier in America went off with a bang, and the CBS writers they end and begin with a question, as Eli asked Alicia whether she’d consider running for state’s attorney.

Eli’s question gets addressed, but it’s Cary and the guns that occupy the bulk of the episode, as he’s taken into custody for allegedly advising Lemond Bishop and his crew about how to move $1.3 million worth of heroin without being detected. Bishop’s not new to the series, but the idea that he and Cary have special ties, criminal or otherwise, certainly is.

Alicia mentioned that Cary could be in prison for as long as a year while he awaits trial, and the scenes in the prison against the usual soft colours of the show is quiet the contrast, setting the tone to a more darker story for the rest of the season.

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