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Are You Tapping Into The Power of Google For Your Business?


There is a proven order of steps you need to follow in order to guarantee your success when you’re starting an online business. Thousands of people start and grow successful businesses by using the following free tools available to you:

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Google Adwords

Google AdWords is an online advertising service that allows advertisers to contend to show advertisements to web browsers, based in part on keywords that might link the copy to the content of web pages shown to users.

Web pages from Google and from other partner websites are designed to allow Google to choose and display these advertisiments. Advertisers pay when users click on these to seek more information and these partner websites receive a portion of the revenue they generate.

Google AdWords is Google’s online advertising package that allows you to reach new customers and so grow your business. With AdWords, you choose where your advert shows, you can set a budget you’re happy with, and measure the effect of your advert.

There’s no minimum or maximum spending obligation, you can pause or stop anytime you want.

With Google AdWords, you can reach browsers as they search for words or phrases (called keywords) or browse websites with subjects related to your particular business. Your advert can appear on Google and on its partner websites. With the cost-per-click (CPC) offering, you are billed only when a visitor clicks your ad.

The benefits of advertising with Google AdWords

  • You can reach people at the precise time they search for what you offer
  • Your ad is displayed to visitors who are already searching for the type of product or service you offer. So those visitors are more likely to take action
  • You can select where your advert appears — on which websites and in which geographical areas.
  • The Google Display Network (GDN) alone reaches 80% of Internet users worldwide.

Control your budget

  • With cost-per-click (CPC) bidding, you’re billed only when someone clicks on your advert, not when your advert appears. There are a variety of options you can choose from
  • You decide how much you want to spend monthly, and you’ll never be billed more than that amount
  • There’s no minimum spending amount

See exactly what’s working in your advert, and build on it

  • You can view a report of how your advert is doing and see how many new customers connect to your business from your advert, where they are coming from, and much more
  • You can use AdWords tools to edit and improve your advert, thereby increasing the number of potential customers who contact your business.

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