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Great Family Health Tips that Your Kids Will Enjoy

Most children take cues from their parents about certain behaviours so it is important to influence their lifestyle when it comes to health and general wellness.

It is important for parents to promote a healthy lifestyle for their children from an early age so that they become used to being active while they are still young and impressionable. When they are older, children tend to test your limits by pushing boundaries to see what they can get away with.

If you try to influence your children to be healthier after years of letting them do whatever they wanted, this might be tricky to try to get them to adapt to a new lifestyle. Teenagers would be the hardest to try and convince.

Add a little fun to the mix The most successful way you can get your children to adapt to a new healthier lifestyle, is to make it worth their while. Although it is in their best interest, if your children feel that they have been coerced into doing something they don’t want, it will only  make them that much more rebellious.

You need to plan fun family activities such as camping, hiking, surfing, mini swim or race competitions with prizes that will not making it enjoyable for them, but will also allow for more family time filled with some form of exercise.

Have weekly challenges on who can complete a certain diet plan to get them to eat healthy foods without making it a chore. This will instil a competitive spirit in your child that is a tool that they can use throughout their lives.

Try not to make the rewards monetary, maybe removing one dreaded chore instead would be a better reward. This way, it is clean healthy competition.

There are numerous wellness family centres in the country such as Parenthood- Baby and family wellness centre and SOFFT Family Wellness centre  http://www.jozikids.co.za/listing/sofft-family-wellness-centre    that offer family therapy sessions, workshops and so on and even have fun events that families can take part in and engage with other families and professionals.

Making family wellness a priority, allows for a family to be closer thus making it easy for your children to talk, trust and confide with you when they have problems. This also makes for happy rounded kids who will exude e certain level of confidence.

Finally, family wellness can encourage other families to try it if they see how well it works with yours (this will make you a favourite with numerous parents who struggle to get their children to change their lifestyle habits.)

It is important to note that you cannot force your family to do something that they do not want. It is vital to guide them in the right direction. You want willing participants rather than grumbling ones who might think this is cruel punishment.

If this is a successful endeavour, your children will be happy, healthy and mentally strong people and your house will be an enjoyable environment that your children would want to share with their children.

Thembakazi Mbobela

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