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Why Grey Hair Is White Hot Again!

Grey Hair Is White Hot

Remember when grey meant old, dull and outdated? Yeah well that’s so not the case anymore! Grey hair is the hottest  trend right now, its hip and trendy and it’s literally the most daring thing women can do. No matter what your age, if you want to change up your look grey is definitely the way to go. Here are 6 reasons why Grey hair is white hot again!

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Grey is Silver

Grey may seem like a not too flashy colour, but in all essence its actually quite bold if you look at it in the right sense. When you hear the word “grey” by association it just means dull and boring, but when you see it as silver, it’s an entirely different thing! So instead of going grey, go silver and rock the look with the ultimate confidence as going grey is quite a bold move in itself!



Looking amazing is guaranteed

Let’s admit it, any daring colour is pretty much guaranteed to make you look amazing! Some of the most famous stars like Kylie Jenner have been sporting the look and have all done their part with looking absolutely fabulous!


Save Time, Save Money!

Yes, keeping it grey saves you money and time, especially when it comes naturally! No need to run to your hairdresser to touch up your roots, let it be and let it grow free, the stars above have done it and look at how great it suits them. Try it, long or short it still looks graceful! See Emmy-Lou Harris’s new look


grey hair

Freedom & Power

Allowing yourself to age gracefully is always a beautiful thing. It’s true younger women have sought out the grey/silver look because it has become quite a popular trend, but the true freedom and power that comes with rocking such a bold look is the experience and story behind it. Share your bold story by accepting your roots and embracing the beauty of aging! (Those who get it done because that’s just the type of show stopper you are, keep it going! No one grabs the attention of a room than a lady with a silver crown like Jamie-Lee Curtis.

grey hairShake it Up

Just because you feel comfortable with your silver look, don’t let it fade and allow some dullness. Change it up with some colour! Now that your hair is as pale as you wanted it to be, you can do literally any colour with it that you please,keep in mind your skin tone though. Kelly Osborne is known to switch it up from time to time, follow her lead to gain some perspective and how it would suit you!

Now that you’ve got 6 reasons to jump on the hottest hair trend right now, what could possibly stop you! Grey hair is in and it’s literally taking over. Women of all ages including 20’s, 30’s and 40’s are all giving into the white hot look! It’s your turn to embrace the grey, or should I say silver. What do you think? Yay or nay on going grey?

Written by Alesha George

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