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Lazy Girl’s Guide to Grooming

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It would be spectacular if everyone could always look like they stepped off a runway – out of Kim’s dressing room – but the sad reality is that being a well-kept woman is a lot of work. Sometimes, a girl just doesn’t have time to spend the mornings in front of the mirror. Other times, a girl just doesn’t want to, and that’s your right! Here’s what you need to know about grooming for the lazy:

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Hassle-free hair styling

Long term treatments like a chemical straightening or a Brazilian blow-out give your hair sleekness and volume for up to three months, which means little to no daily styling! The other solution is to tame what is already there – get to know your natural hair texture, and learn to enhance this rather than change it.

It’s also best for lazy girls to go with low-maintenance colours like semi-permanent treatments that gradually wash out, rather than expose your roots after a few weeks. This video shows some amazing styling tips that take little to no work:

 Minimal Makeup

Lazy girls hate make-up application, and whereas tattooing on your brows and eyeliner is a step too far for most, there are useful median solutions such as lash and brow tints. Another time-saver is combination products such as BB and CC creams, because if you can find a good one, it can replace foundation, moisturizer and sun cream. Lastly, if you want lip colour, stick to nudes that don’t need constant touching up, and tints or glosses rather than lipstick.

 Skin Care

Washing, toning and moisturizing twice a day can be too much for some, and can even be damaging to your skin. The most important thing is to make sure you remove your make-up at the end of the day to prevent it from clogging your pores. Keep some make-up wipes handy for those nights you just can’t be bothered.

 Rogue Hair

The obvious idea here is laser hair removal, but it can be quite expensive and time-consuming. There are two other low maintenance solutions: waxing and epilation. You will only need to repeat this every four to six weeks. You can also try a chemical treatment cream, but these need to be used more often and don’t always yield uniform results.

 No More Long Nails

Long nails are not for lazy girls! They are high maintenance and easily become unhygienic. Colour, however, can be accomplished with little effort, but nail enamels quickly chip and become tacky. The solution for you is a biosculpture or gel manicure or pedicure – these last as long as it takes for your nails to grow them out.

With the help of these long-term solutions and everyday tips, you can be sure to shrink down your grooming time. Try to make your daily routine a habit by sticking to the same times, or something you do whilst you watch television, and soon you won’t even know you’re doing the work.

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