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7 Habits of Exceptional Leaders

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While many people possess natural leadership qualities, no one is born an exceptional leader. This is why leadership is something has to be practiced in order for it to be its most effective. Here is a list of 7 habits of exceptional leaders that you can adopt to improve your leadership skills.

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1. Accountability

Accountability as a leadership skill is extremely important. If you want those who follow you to be honest and not shift blame, you will have to lead by example. An accountable leader shows that they own and recognise mistakes they have made and is able to take responsibility for actions, good or bad.

2. Having Passion

A leader who is passionate about the work they do and the people they lead, inspire those around them. It is so much easier for workers to enjoy the work they do if their leader is passionate about their job.

3. Awareness

An exceptional leader is always aware. Aware of self, their environment and the people they work with. To lead you need to be the one that looks ahead and guide your followers to your planned destination. An unaware leader makes it easy for followers to stray and undermine your leadership. Self-awareness is a defining trait in great leaders as they are able to note their strengths and weaknesses, don’t think too highly of themselves and are not afraid to ask for assistance where needed.

4. Communicate effectively

Communication is vital to effective leadership. In fact, in any relationship, good communication will result in a pleasant and freeing experience where there are no misunderstandings on a common cause. An exceptional leader will build lasting relationships and the trust of others through communicating effectively.

5. Bravery

A brave or courageous leader makes it easy for people to want to follow them. No one wants to be led by an unsure and timid leader. A brave leader who is willing to take risks, make difficult decisions and lead with a strong will and pointed focus builds the confidence and respect of their followers.

6. Humility

To be a humble and kind leader will earn you more respect than being a tyrannical and self-serving one.

7. Purpose driven

There is nothing more frustrating than having an unfocused leader. An exceptional leader should be purpose driven, this way followers will feel unified in reaching the goals and realising the purpose set out by their leader.

Being an exceptional leader requires you to combine all these or select some of these habits and learn how to incorporate them into your own personalised method of leading.

Written by Busi Nhlapo

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