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How to be Happy With Your Flaws

Ever spend time looking in the mirror, wishing your nose was shaped in a different way and that your skin color was a bit more different? Yes every woman knows that. Ever felt like you need to fit in and blend with a specific type of group? Well this article is for you, Here’s How to be Happy With Your Flaws:

While we may feel less beautiful and less of the people we really are, truth is women are amazing beings who really shouldn’t feel like they have to fix something about themselves.

It is true that “We’re so quick to cut away pieces of ourselves to suit a particular relationship, a job, a circle of friends, incessantly editing who we are until we fit in” – Charles de Lint, Happily Ever After.

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How about improvement instead?

Women are creatures of radical change and we want to change even at times when it is not necessary. Women are afraid of a appearing too different.

The best way to avoid blending in knows that it is okay to be different, and to stand out and be a unique you. You don’t have to change who you are because you are afraid of appearing odd and dull.

That incomplete being in you

Every woman is constantly looking for something to perfect about themselves and that’s one of the reasons you are reading this article – we feel like incomplete beings due to the pressure society is putting on us. The truth is, we need to be frank with ourselves and know that our differences make the complete individuals we are.

All hail the original!

It’s okay to be dark, it’s okay to be light skinned, it’s totally okay to be you. We live in a world which still does worships the original. It’s okay to be emotional, its okay to be too skinny or fat, its okay to be too fragile, its okay to dress the way you do because that is what makes you a complete and unique being.

How about blending? … Well no

Let’s face it, the world would be boring if all women, dressed, spoke, behaved and had the same characters. In a world that is consistently changing, women need to be in touch with who they are, They need to accept their differences and embrace them, they need to stick to the fact that their identities cannot be confused with change nor can it be snapped by time.

Your imperfections are perfect

Train your mind to take into consideration that your features, strengths and your character is who you are and everything you are was considered to make a complete you in creation. You don’t have to change who you are, there is a space somewhere in the world that needs the original you to impact – it may be someone’s life, a job or whatsoever.

Truth is….

The way you are the way you were ment to be in order for the circle of life to be complete. Imagine if we were all selfless givers in the world, stores wouldn’t be selling anything because they would just freely give everything to anyone. In order for the circle to be complete, there had to be those selfish people who will make people work hard to acquire a certain thing.

Embrace your flaws and perfections for they are what makes a complete you.

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