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10 Healing and Beautifying Oils You Need to Try

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Natural oils have been used for centuries in cooking, health treatments and for their beautifying properties. They are chemical free and have a whole range of different properties that can moisturise the skin, nourish the hair, heal scars and protect you against sickness and disease. Not all oils are the same though, and there is a huge range of different oils to choose from. Here are ten different healing and beautifying oils that you need to try:

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1. Jojoba oil

The first thing that is amazing about jojoba oil is how close it is in composition to our own natural oils (that our body produces) and that is why it is included in many cosmetic products. It’s great for the skin and it has a high content of Vitamin E and contains anti-inflammatory compounds. It’s great oil for the face, hair and for the whole of the body.

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