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How to Accept Yourself: Flaws and All


For the first 50 years of our existence, the main purpose of our lives is to obtain some form of growth. Either in age, wisdom, or personality, that is what we aim for.Land of the wealthy Living in a superficial world, the value of materialistic things and beauty is what most people aspire to.

Modern society and pop culture is obsessed with beauty and wealth.

People who have a combination of both are portrayed by the media as happy, successful beings that want for nothing. Lifestyle TV shows such as Top Billing and Pasella for example are such shows that depict how the other quarter (definitely not half in South Africa) live.

From a young age, most of us are influenced by these shows to try and achieve the same, if not more, level of wealth so that we can also live that lifestyle.

You then work hard to earn money and some women spend copious amounts of money to enhance their looks, spend more time at the gym for the perfect figure to get the right kind of man.

As cynical as this might sound, it is what is happening in the world. However, that does not have to be your life.

A person’s bank account does not determine who they are. There are wealthy people who are down to earth and are generally humble people. Money does not make the person, personality does. Personal growth is about progress, change and acceptance

Elevating yourself and your life to a better position socially and financially is a natural progressive step in personal growth.

Attitude is key

Changing your attitudes, behaviour and lifestyle will also be a process in your development but, there are some things that will be beyond your control and cannot change. Accept this and move on because trying too hard will only result in setting yourself up for failure and this will not do anything for your development.

Risky business

Personal growth is about taking carefully calculated risks aimed to enrich your life, do not let fear hold you back. You have to have the courage to take risks once in a while.


Set reasonable and attainable goals and plan out your future so that you live a purposeful life. This is something you want to do so that you can teach your children the same.

Be a role model

Most children are easily influenced by pop culture and look to celebrities as role models (Justin Bieber, Rihanna etc.). Be your child’s role model by teaching them life’s most invaluable lessons.


You have to learn to be satisfied with who you are; your flaws are your individual trade that make you unique. Instead of aiming for what you see in the media, for personal growth, aim for happiness.

Aim for a fulfilled life where your hardships are life lessons and your victories are steps taken towards your journey to personal growth.

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