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How To Avoid The Destruction Of Self-Hate

Self hate

Hate is probably too dark or strong a word to use, but there are people who HATE themselves. They might smile and appear to be happy and beautiful souls, but deep down lies hate in its purest form. Why is this?

The way we portray ourselves in public (physical appearance, character/personality) sometimes determines how people view us from the outside and this is how impressions are formed.

Once this social image is shaped, it then becomes the way people perceive us. We have an innate need to be validated by the people around us.

However, the one true person who without a doubt, knows how you view yourself is you. Your self-esteem (SELF- the way you view yourself, by you and for you), is how you regard yourself.

The misconception is that if a person is happy, smiles a lot and has a generally happy nature; it means that they are happy and confident about themselves. But, in most cases, you will find that these are the very same people who suffer from depression and mental disorders related to self-hatred.

These kind of self-destructing people    lack a sense of self-worth. They see themselves in a negative light. Words such as fat, stupid, ugly, freak, incompetent, mousy and nerd are demeaning words that self-hating people associate with themselves.

Self-hating is a learned process If you are continuously told that you are worthless, ugly, stupid or fat etc. on a regular basis (at any age), your brain forms a mental picture of the negative word, it is then ingrained in your mind to a point where you actually believe it.

You are taught to hate everything about yourself and bear in mind that, that teacher can be you (your subconscious) and that makes it difficult to break the shackles that keep you tearing you down.

There are means to deal with these kinds of psychological issues and it is important for people to seek out help because self-hatred can be dangerous, leading you to commit suicide. It is an illness that is affecting a lot of people, especially women.

There are also those who hide this self–hatred so well that getting help becomes that much harder. They constantly fake their happiness, making it impossible to detect the hatred underneath. How do we notice? How do we help?

Evaluate your life, be honest with yourself and know that happiness is a choice. Troubles are an occurrence you will face at one time or the other, and finally you need to understand nobody is perfect, perfection is a pipe dream you need to let go.

You need to open up to people and surround yourself with positivity and people who love you. There is nothing more liberating than critically looking at your flaws and imperfections, then silently thank the people around for the unconditional love that keeps the self-loathing at bay.

Thembakazi Mbobela

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