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How to be Successful in Life


To be successful in life we need a proven recipe of the right skillsets, mindsets and actions. BUT we now know that the right MINDSETS matters even MORE than skillsets! The right mindset is the new frontier of effective self-mastery and leadership that delivers sustainable high-impact value and results.

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We all need new tools, strategies and more effective approaches, to ensure that we survive, thrive and flourish in these challenging times. Many people make decisions and never take action on those decisions. And if they do take action, often they arrive, unfulfilled, at a destination occupied with empty promises.


We buy hundreds of books, attend various workshops, and then never apply the wisdom in our lives. This eventually leaves 90%+ of people stuck; financially destitute and emotionally dull. In a world drowning in information, it’s not that we lack information; we lack effective application of the best and most valuable information in a sustained and focused manner that brings TRUE SUSTAINBLE DEEPLY JOYOUS feeling of SUCCESS. Today…the right Mindset matters more than anything else, if we are going to flourish & thrive.

The SWIFT Action model

The SWIFT Action model, Formula WON Leadership & Success ENSURANCE system and CLEAR business optimisation structure, provides the reader with a point of departure, and powerful action & accountability framework, to ensure that they take SWIFT Action with Fierce Focus. This ENSURES success that is meaningful, lasting and joy-giving. Many people behave like greeders, chasing “material success”, hoping for happiness, peace, freedom, love, abundance & joy, only to find it’s an empty promise, leaving them feeling unfulfilled and frustrated… and along the way they’ve USED people as pawns in their game.

The SWIFT Action approach to leading and living; creating a life of value and meaning, is based upon his extensive experiences and discoveries as a pioneer in deep Personal Transformation, Self-Mastery, Resilience/GO-Mindset Mastery, Neuro Leadership and Soul Surgery. His SWIFT Success Mindset book is based upon first-hand experiences and research from his own life, as well as the participants from his Life Masters’ and LifeShift workshops, coaching and mentoring over 36+ years. This is 1 minute Wisdom for True Success.

Success Action Model

Many people try to take some actions in the attempt to move them closer to their hopes and dreams. This is typically driven by EGO, fear and the deep need for certainty and significance. Tony’s SWIFT Action model and framework, moves readers up the success ladder, to a higher level of consciousness, awareness, choice and self-leadership with FIERCELY Focused SWIFT ACTION, on a path to ENSURING REAL success that is sustainable, exciting and life-giving for all. This is the short-cut to TRUE Success, greater well-being, thriving and flourishing… that lasts.

For Action to ENSURE REAL Success it needs to be SWIFT & FIERCELY FOCUSSED!

 Strategic and Strengths-Based
 Win-Win:– Meaningful, Masterful, Appreciative & Fair
 Inspiring, Integrity, Incremental and Agile
 Focused: Freedom (Time, Money, Relationship) Relevant
 Transformational & Trustworthy, True Values Aligned

Tony Dovale provides readers with potent tools and MindShifting processes, like the Gladiator Activation/Accountability Processes (GAP), and the SEAL (Success Ensurance Activation/Accountability Leader) process, to help ENSURE that readers actually do take SWIFT action, with FIERCE Focus…stand accountable, and create appropriate incremental and focused decisions and aligned actions, to build up their success velocity and momentum, to deliver upon their DEFINED Destiny, Cause and Calling.

SWIFT Success Mindset Will Show You How to:

1. Develop a “Growth-Oriented Mindset” to stay competitive by constantly building resourcefulness.

2. Push past your comfort zone to achieve more, faster, and build better work & life with SWIFT action.

3. Surround yourself with leaders & collaborators to ENSURE you take action and move to the next level.

4. Reframe “failure” into positive lessons, guidance & wisdom to transform your mindset and Accountability.

5. Embrace your personal Leadership power to ENSURE you achieve true SUCCESS in all areas of life.

6. Leverage the power of FIERCE Focus & DEFINED Destiny to align vision, energy, action & momentum.

The Success Activators Success Ensurance system at it’s core, is about bringing more Integrity, Freedom, Love, Abundance, Peace and Joy, as we create meaningful lives, where we THRIVE and FLOURISH in a challenging world of constant shifts and change. It’s about REAL Leadership… REAL SUCCESS.

To get a free download copy of my FULL book, go to www.SuccessActivators.com/free-book/
Tony Dovale – GO Mindset Guy Soul Surgeon & Leadership Activator Soulsurgeon@coachfree.com

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