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6 Tips To Instantly Improve Your Body Language

Body language tips

Communication is  vital in how we interact  with each other. The way we speak with the our body is just as important as the words we say. Body language is an easy indicator of how to recognize ones’ interest or comfortability with another.

Body language will be used and  interpreted differently depending on cultures and familiarity of people, but there are a few standard actions that will indicate exactly how you may feel in a certain situation.

The best way to improve on your use of body language is to be aware of the things you do. How do you  sit? Do you cross your arms? Are you a constant fidgeter?  Do you have control of your movements? These actions  are what you need to be aware of when you are in communication with people.

These 6 body language tips will assist in presenting a more confident you for any situation.

1. Emulate

Be sure not to copy the other person’s body language too much as that may come across as odd. The mirroring should be almost unconscious, speak in similar tones, nod your head in a natural way etc.

2. Make Eye Contact

Eyes communicate so much when we speak to people. We know the saying – the eyes are the window to the soul and in ways that is true. You can tell a lot by the way someones’ eyes react in conversation. With eye contact, be sure to not stare or give “ crazy eyes” and also be mindful of other cultures that shun eye contact and view it as disrespectful.

3. Give Good Firm Handshakes

Don’t give floppy handshakes-ever. Yes, even as women, you should give a good firm handshake when meeting someone for the first time Floppy handshakes are embarrassing and you want to be taken seriously.

4. Find a Good Sitting Position

Sitting at a slight angle is a good position that allows for enough space and comfortability between you and the person you speaking to. Avoid sitting directly in front of somebody as this feel confrontational and don’t sit too close either.

5. Ease Your Shoulders Relax.

When feeling tense, we tend to hike up our shoulders in an effort to ease tension. Shake out your shoulders to get them loose and try to push them backwards.

6. Smile

Smiling is a great way to introduce yourself to someone without saying anything. Just be friendly and personable, you will not only make the situation feel less tense for you but for other people as well. Smiling brings a warmness to you that can make you be perceived as sincere and welcoming.

Try to use any of these tips when in conversation with anyone and see if you make them feel better about having met you!

Busi Nhlapo

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