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How to Break Out of Your Comfort Zone

A comfort zone is like an imaginary box, we stay within its artificial walls and in return it gives us a feeling of steadiness and comfort.

But, if we stay in it for too long we end up not gaining fresh experiences and knowledge that you get from doing something that’s out of the box. It may be easier said than done, so here are a couple of tips to help you stage a break out.

What is your comfort zone?
Simply put, you’re comfort zone is a mental space where your behaviour fits a pattern and routine. Why would you need a comfort zone you ask? Well, it provides you with a state of security and comfort where there’s a minimal chance of risk, stress and. Your comfort zone isn’t a good or bad thing; it’s actually a natural state where everything is safe, routine and familiar.

I’m sure we’ve all had experiences that have made you want to retreat and reinforce the idea that pushing your comfort zone is a bad idea. But a little anxiety is good now and again. This optimal anxiety, which is just outside your comfort zone, helps us to do tasks such as public speaking. It can also help you to deal with unexpected change better, push boundaries and increase your creativity.

Break out of the routine
To get out of your comfort zone you must first change up your daily routine by making changes such as taking a different route from work, going to a new restaurant or trying out a another operating system.  If these changes don’t work out then try different ones, the key is to push yourself past mental blocks and gain a different perspective whether negative or positive.

Have new experiences
If you want to learn something new, we sometimes have to put ourselves outside of our comfort zone. When trying out a new activity (e.g. like volunteering) it is at first a part of your optimal anxiety. The more you take part in it, the more comfortable you get, and it eventually gets integrated into your comfort zone. This process is what makes new experiences into a new gained skill set.

Having new a experience doesn’t have to be hard; it can be as simple as going to the gym and trying out new foods. If you want to kick it up a notch then try travelling, playing a new instrument and learning a new language.

Don’t let fear stop you
It can be quite scary trying something new, which is the big reason why people stay in their comfort zones. But when you think about it, the things that we often fear don’t always come to pass. Keep in mind leaving your comfort zone isn’t about doing things right in your first go, but if you are willing to make mistakes then you will accomplish and learn more.

You can go about this by changing the way you explain things to your-self. If you told yourself that you can handle public speaking, wouldn’t you be more confident doing it? Changing the way that you talk to yourself about events can help you to keep fear from doing something new and extraordinary.

Now that you know how to get yourself out of your box, why not do something new that you’ve always wanted to do, like trying the world’s highest bungee jump?

Dana Da Silva

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