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How to Cope With the Emotional Fall-Out After A Breakup

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After experiencing a breakup, an emotional fall out or the feeling of being love sick often follows. This can include feeling depressed, anxious and upset. Understand that what you are feeling is normal and that in the time it takes to get through it, you can renovate your life. The good news is that you don’t need to eat a tub of ice cream to cope.

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1. Allow Yourself to Feel

Don’t suppress your emotions. Cry when you need to and allow yourself time to grieve. Understanding why the breakup occurred will help you to get through it and emerge as a stronger person. Breakups require a process to get through, so it’s okay to be off balance for a while.

2. Cut Ties

This is an obvious tip, but it’s one which we tend to avoid implementing. Cut ties after the breakup in person and online. There is nothing worse than seeing your ex across social media, so as hard as it may be, ‘unfollow’ and ‘unfriend’. This may change in the future, but take time before deciding to remain friends. It may be a good idea to delete the cell phone number to avoid drunk texting late at night.

3. Vent

Venting your emotions is important, just make sure to do it wisely. Surround yourself with friends and/or family who care and are there to listen and clear your mind. Write a letter explaining how you feel, and then burn or tear it… just don’t send it! Avoid posting details about your breakup across social media.

4. Get Active

The best way to get through a breakup is to keep yourself busy. Get into a routine and focus all of your energy elsewhere, whether it’s into exercise or work. Have a bath with a glass of wine (a-La Rihanna in the music video for Stay). Rebound if you feel that it’s necessary and take new relationships slowly.

5. Thoughts

Your thoughts are ultimately what will allow you to cope with a breakup in a healthy way. Take the time to think about the relationship and learn from it. Avoid thinking about ‘what if’ situations as they are not constructive. Most importantly, work on getting yourself back, but not to the one who broke your heart.

Coping with the emotional fall out after a breakup is a tough process. By allowing yourself to feel, cutting ties, venting, getting active and focusing on your thoughts, you can recover and emerge as a better person.

Written by Shannon Correia

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