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How to Create a Unique Brand to Launch Your Professional Image

Think differently for success

A well presented professional look lends you a sense of authority making people instantly drawn to you. In the business world, if you are not the CEO of a company yet, you are climbing the corporate ladder.

This means you are trying to get ahead at the company you work for, creating a name for yourself.

Your image then becomes one of your most important assets as it will become your personal tool to grab attention and it will be what people will base their opinions of you on. The most important thing is getting the perfect image to polish your brand.

Going bold. The business world usually stick to monochrome colours that feel stuffy, adding a few bold colourful items to your professional look will stimulate people’s senses and guarantee you a second look, it brings a fresh exciting change that most people will probably appreciate.

Your image should be an extension of your personality so the clothes you wear should give an indication to the kind of person that you are.

There is sexy and then there is tacky. Be careful of the look that you are trying out for your brand; the urge to go overboard can be extremely strong because feeling sexy lends something to feeling confident.

However if you go too sexy, then this gives off the wrong impression about your intensions and this may be risky to your goal of making it to the top with your “trusted brand”. A too short skirt, tight shirt and a lot of cleavage will look tacky and your colleagues and bosses will not take you seriously let alone consider you for top positions. They will think that you might embarrass the company somehow.

A lot of people will assume (to be direct) that you aim to sleep your way to the top, thus leaving your reputation in tatters.

There is a reason why wealthy people who come from old money exude a certain level of class; they are well-bred and groomed from a young age. This however does not mean you need to come from old money as well. With the proper training and the right attitude you can also achieve the same class and simple elegance.

To create a lasting and successful brand, you need to plan and work on your image repeatedly until you get the right look that will not only turn heads from both male and female co-workers, but also an image that will ensure your success on making it.

Thembakazi Mbobela

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