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How to Deal With Your Teenage Monster


If your teenage daughter has never screeched, “Ugh! I HATE this or I HATE you, then you are the luckiest parent in the world.

Child-rearing is one of the most difficult things to do, but when it comes to raising a teen, it can take its’ toll on you. It can drive the most docile person to insanity.

In an instant, your sweet natured, always happy and respectful child becomes an unbearable 15 year old who makes you question your parenting abilities and makes you wonder where did you go wrong.

She becomes the queen of eye-rolling, constantly talks back to you and their mood swings can give you whiplash. The most words you’ll get for a response is, “nope, uh, yep and duh”.

When you start complaining about a messy and always hungry teenage boy (they have their moments too) just remember you have it a little easier here.

It is just a stage
Not all teenage girls are monsters though who have it in their heads that you are trying to ruin their lives, and fear not, it will eventually pass. The bad girl routine is just a normal phase which most girls go through. It is a time when girls experiment with different personalities in a bid to try and form their identities.

You should also be aware of the company they keep and who her close friends are because in some cases it may be that she is influenced to behave badly just because she wants to fit in with her clique.

They only lash out at their parents because they are exposed to you the most and need to vent their frustrations. Although this may seem unfair to you as a parent, you have to accept it and continue giving them the unconditional love and support they need.

However, there are some teenagers who try to push the boundaries and this is where you, as a parent, have to be firm. You have to let them know you understand the process that they are going through (having gone through it yourself) but they also have to be respectful and know their place.

You are after all still the parent and you have all the power. They can call you a nag but can’t be rude and call you ugly names just because they are going through a stage – that is no excuse.

This is where you have to let them know the difference and that it is unacceptable behaviour.

The thing about parenting is that there will be bad days and then there will be good, amazing, memorable days. Even when hating you, your child loves you. From the day they are born until the day they move out (or even after that on their own), they will always need you.

Do not let them get away with things and spoil them out of fear of unleashing the monster, take it all in your stride.

Parenting is about always doing your best and what’s in the best interest of your child, nothing less and nothing more.

Thembakazi Mbobela

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