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Are You the Office Doormat? How to Earn Respect

It’s pretty darn frustrating to be the one who’s always being taken for granted. Maybe it’s because you’re soft spoken or you have a hard time saying ‘no’ or you simply hate confrontations. No matter what direction your sub-conscious thoughts gravitate, these tips will help you earn the respect you deserve wherever you go.

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1. You doubt your abilities, find flaws in yourself and view your colleagues as being flawless

It’s not easy figuring out what value you add, especially when your value and experience are so closely relatable. If you find yourself in this predicament, ask yourself this question: What unique quality do I bring to the team that’s relevant to the company? Perhaps you’re the problem-solver, or you have a knack for overcoming the team dynamics and creating a collaborative space. Identifying what unique value to bring to the table should help you acknowledge your worth.

Solution: Determine the unique value you bring to your company


2. You don’t like disagreeing with what your colleagues say, and will often bend over backwards to please them.

Think about your role models. What do you think it is about their careers that makes them so revered? In all likelihood they have respect for what they do and people have responded positively to this. When you have admiration for your job and start treating it like it matters, people around you will inevitably do the same.

Solution: Be the master of your own career

3. You’re envious when your colleagues are praised for their work.

Complimenting the people you work with is one of the easiest ways to earn more respect. It also sets you apart from the rest. Giving credit where due is a reminder that you don’t always have to expressively remind people of your own value.

Solution: Give credit where due

4. You’d rather push back your priorities and increase your work load than utter the word ‘no’

It doesn’t mean that you can’t still do the menial administrative stuff when more hands are needed, or the odd coffee run. But being that one person that people can ALWAYS count on to go ‘the extra mile’ makes other people take advantage of your sacrifices. Don’t be afraid to remind people where you are, especially when there is someone else who is employed to do the job. Teaching yourself to say no (politely) will take the “being taken for granted” burden off you.

Solution:  Learn how to say no

Whatever the case may be, being taken for granted can often leave you with conflicting thoughts of whether you should leave your company for “greener pastures” or stay and hope it gets better with time.

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