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Get Your Love Life Out of a Rut

How to Get Your Love Life Out of a Rut

Is your love life in a rut? There are so many reasons that it may be, from simply having a lack of time to having had one too many bad past experiences. Try these fun ideas to get you out the rut and straight back into the dating game.

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Blind Dates

Blind dates may seem daunting, but it could be exactly what you need. You’re likely to have a mutual connection, which is a good start. Another positive aspect is that you will actually get to know the person for the first time in person. In other words, no pre-date googling and minor social network stalking.

Double Dates

If blind dates aren’t your thing, try double dates. They take the pressure off, plus you’ll have a friend with you. Double dates can be more fun and much less awkward than one-on-one dates. They are a good starting point to get your love life out of a rut.

The Internet

Internet dating has evolved since it’s early compatibility (and usually creepy) platform. Internet dating on apps like Tinder make the process simple, safer and enjoyable. This could really get your love life back on track, even if it’s just used for a confidence boost.

Clean Slate

You’re going to need a clean slate in order to get your love life out of a rut. Let go of the past and cut ties with people who no longer add value to your life. By being confident and ready to date again, you are opening yourself up to the prospect of finding love.

Have Fun

When the likes Facebook can determine the actual status of a relationship, it’s clear to see that dating is often taken too seriously. Go on several dates and just have fun. If you aren’t perfect for each other, that’s okay – dates aren’t supposed to be auditions for ‘the one.’

Get Out

Get out and meet people. When was the last time you actually met someone new, out of the blue, and went on a date? Find yourself in the right place to get your love life out of a rut. Try the old school way of meeting people by going to a bar and buy someone a drink (this is the 21st century after all!).

Ditch Your ‘Type’

We tend to categorise the people we are interested in by classifying them as our ‘type’. This can be very limiting to our love life and could be the reason that you find yourself in a rut by dating the same type of person and expecting a different outcome. Date different, interesting people to broaden your horizons.

After testing these ideas out for yourself, you will find that you have gotten your love life out of the rut. If one idea doesn’t work for you, try another. Most of all, have fun along the way and delight in the interesting people you meet.

Written by Shannon Correia

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