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How to Make Simple Look Elegant

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Women love feeling and looking beautiful at all times, but very few master the art of simplicity and it is all because of make-up! Make-up can either make or break a woman’s looks. The biggest mistake is not understanding the true purpose of make-up. Here is how to make simple look elegant.

Makeup is not there to serve as a mask, but simply to enhance a woman’s beauty. Many women hide behind these ‘masks’ and they feel naked without it. The key is knowing and understanding that each woman is beautiful in their own way. Applying make-up is the same, every woman has her shade. Make-up comes in all kinds of colours so you need to find your colour and let it enhance your beauty – not hide it.

1. Eyes

The eyes are usually compared to a window, so imagine a dirty window? You would not be able to see through it. Too much make-up on the eyes is distracting and it hides the true beauty of your eyes. A subtle eye-liner and eye-shadow should be using carefully not to stand-out, but to blend-in with your outfit and let it speak volumes.





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