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How To Stimulate Your Child’s Early Development In 5 Steps

Most parents have that moment when they sit back and reflect if whether or not they are doing their best to nurture their child’s growth and how can they improve.

It’s a natural feeling for a parent to aim at providing the very best for their child as you are their first teacher for the first prime years of their life of learning and although this may overwhelm you, let this article inspire you to be their best teacher by learning how to stimulate your child’s development.

1. Environment:

A stimulating environment that ensures your child can explore and freely move around is the foundation of stimulating their development. This environment can be constructed in a room decorated with boldly coloured pictures at eye level and safely accessible windows. This room will be suitable for toddlers if there are different floor surfaces so your child can practice to crawl and walk.

2. Visual stimulation:


Children react to a number of visual stimulants but there are only a few that assist in their development. By doing several corny facial movements and prompting your child to imitate them, placing your child in front of the mirror and watching them interact with their reflection has been identified as a sign of your child acquiring early problem solving skills.

3. Social stimulation:

This can also be regarded as bonding with your child. Television is not a source of stimulation for a child as they need one on one interaction. Changing a diaper is one special moment which you can use to bond with your child by narrating and teaching them of their body parts and clothing. Reciting songs has shown a strong connection with Math as a child learns of rhythm. Tickling their toes, playing peek-a-boo is likely to get them to laugh and develops their sense of humour.

4. Physical stimulation:

Your child not only needs you to be their teacher, but also their source of entertainment. The most fun method enjoyed by both parent and child is lying on the floor and let your baby explore your physique by crawling and walking on you which enhances their co-ordination. If you are unable to participate in this, you can always create an obstacle course with safe and different objects which will also enhance their co-ordination.

5. Emotional stimulation:

This is the most important stimulant to a child’s growth. Every child craves attention and though some may do this in manner regarded as bad behaviour, you are encouraged not to speak harshly but rather speak in loving words. Always show your child love which is an effective in every child’s development.

Every child is inherently born with tremendous possibilities and potential and thus it is up to you to equip your child with necessary requirements and ensure their growth into well-developed adults. Parents have an important role in a child’s development as this is the first relationship they encounter and therefore is effective in shaping a child’s understanding of their environment and development.

Asante Gumede

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