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How To Wear The Ballerina Trend

ballerina trend

Ballet is back this Spring. And the good news is you don’t even need to know how to pirouette to pull it off. A mixture of ribbons, blush tones, and floaty, chic cuts are the staples of your fall wardrobe. Think a grown up version of North West.

How to wear it
The great thing about the ballerina trend is that it’s so versatile. You can rock it up with a leather studded jacket, or combine it with cut jeans, a shawl and even combine it with the choker trend, so no matter your personal style whether you are a tomboy or more girl there’s a way to hop on this ballerina trend. Get ahead of the curve and get your ballet uniform before everyone else.



You can easily wear these flats with a dress or cropped flared jeans and really emphasize on the shoes. These delicate feminine shoes will complement any. From casual to business chic.

These flats will be comfortable enough that even after a long day of walking and standing you won’t want to run home an take them off.


Ballerina Trend Flats

Ballerina Trend


Ballerina Trend flats

Ballerina Trend Lace Up shoes

Ballerina Trend Pink Shoes


Ballerina fashion is not complete without a romantic tutu skirt. They can be quite intimidating, but paired with the right top will make you feel so pretty. Perfect for those hot fall evenings, date nights and shopping trips with friends. Get a modern high-end look and not feel like a 3 year old in a tutu by opting for a longer heavier skirt. But that dusy pink is a must!

Ballerina Trend Skirt


Ballerina Trend pink skirt



Highlight your slimmest point with a wrap top. These tops are super flattering and can be paired with almost anything. Dress it up or go casual!

Accentuate your waist and get that ballerina silhouette.

Ballerina Trend Top

Ballerina Trend wrap top


Ballerina Trend wrap top

Written by Celina from The Closet Heroes

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