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Important Things Every Teenage Girl Should Know

Important things Teenage girl

An average teenage girl has a lot on her mind. With the constant pressure of growing up and becoming someone, it is easy to lose track of what is really important. We have created this simple list of important things every teenage girl should know – so that you can focus on growing up instead.

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Your Head

Financing is about more than allowances and saving up for the latest fashion. Make it your priority already now to budget what you spend and save up as much as possible. It will impress both your parents and your future self. The next time you see a great looking bag, you might even have saved up enough money to buy it.

Think about your brain as a muscle. Like any other muscle, it will also need to be trained in order to stay strong. Read up on everything that interests you, keep reading and when you think it is enough – read some more. It is your interests and knowledge that will define who you are in the end, your talents will define your career.

Your Heart

Getting to know your own heart is a crucial part of growing up. Sadly, it often takes many tries and fails before you find the right one. Your mom’s advice will always apply when it comes to matters of the heart; be careful with who you let in.

When you let the wrong one in and he breaks your heart, give yourself time to recover. Talk to your loved ones and listen to their advice. Even though it can get tough at times, keep in mind that this too, shall pass. The ones who are there for you during the tough times are the ones you should keep as your closest allies.

When you let the right one in, remember that you are not the only one who should be treated like a royal. If he treats you like a queen, make sure that you also treat him like a king.

Your Health

With the strong focus on appearance in the society of today, it is easy to forget that it is actually about being healthy. Few has that hourglass figure and very few will ever get it; no matter how much they run or what they eat.

Do yourself a favour and forget about all the pressure, stop trying to look good for everybody else. They are too busy with their own stuff anyway and so should you be.

There should be no such word as diet – only permanent changes to your lifestyle. If you reckon that your eating habits are affecting your health; make some changes. Simply adding less sugar in your tea, filling your dinner plate with more vegetables and exercising a couple of times a week is enough. This is not a diet, it is a lifestyle and your body will love you for it.

And remember; it is not you being too big, it is the clothes being too small.

Your Happiness

Stress is a big subject when it comes to teenagers – there is so much pressure from your parents, your friends, your school and all the other activities you are expected to do. They all tell you to reach for the stars; work hard and dream big, no pain, no gain. You will find few quotes in your newsfeed telling you to just slow down and take a break.

Being happy is the most important thing you can do for yourself. Even making other people happy depends on your happiness. Make the decisions in life that will bring you the most happiness for the future; not what you think will be approved by other people.

Being a teenager is confusing. You are not old enough to be called an adult, yet they still expect you act like one. The songs on the radio keep busting rhymes about being young and having fun, yet anyone sensible lectures you on being responsible instead. Try to keep your head cool; everybody was confused as a teenager. Stick to these important things every teenage girl should know and it will pass soon enough.

Written by Marte Klausen

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