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Inspiring Women’s Cooking Basics

Looking for new recipes, ideas or want to learn to cook better? Everyone has to start with the basics if you want to get good at anything and cooking is no exception. Each week we are going to post a few of the basics that everyone should know: from knife skills to making your own stock and pasta. Cooking doesn’t have to be as hard or intimidating as many people think.

Here’s a quick guide to some of the things that we will be showing you for our cooking basics. Remember to come back to this page for updates and the links to the articles as they are posted. Bookmark it for future reference and thank us later!


Basic Pizza dough

Basic home-made bread

Basic pie crust

Basic white sauce

Basic chicken soup

Basic chicken, beef and fish stock

Basic cookie dough

Basic vanilla cake

Basic pasta

Basic Curry

Basic savoury mince

Basic greek salad

Basic home-made ice cream




How to carve a chicken

How to thicken a sauce

Basic cooking conversions

When to use what knife

Understanding meat cuts and the best way to cook them

How to cook vegetables to perfection


We will get you cooking in no time. These recipes are flop proof so you don’t need to be afraid of making something inedible. Once you have the hang of things, experiment and add in the things you like. We will give you suggestions and different ways to make these simple meals.

After this we will start on intermediate and then advanced recipes to keep teaching you and inspiring you to tempt your taste buds and treat your tummy.

Life is too short to be eating boring food!


Have a suggestion of something that you would like to see added to our list? Tell us in the comments below.

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