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After you’ve landed that new job, shouldn’t networking be the last thing on your mind? Not so – in fact, internal networking, right from the beginning, is key to maintaining the upward track of a woman’s career. Here’s how to successfully launch your networking campaign at a new job.

Network from the Beginning

When starting in a job, you will be judged early, and you really want to be judged as someone who makes things happen. A good way to begin is to introduce yourself to colleagues in a wide range of roles.

Networking is important from the start. But as a new employee, your internal networking should be carefully planned and witout being . Soon after you start a job you have to increase your visibility, but without being arrogant.

Who to Network With

From day one, your networking needs to go beyond the colleagues in adjoining offices, but also not everyone in the company. Start your networking with colleagues who started the same level job you are in a year ago –  they can inform you what you will be measured on.

A good point to start is to ask your boss who the most important people are for you to meet. Then go and meet more senior people who have more influence and power. You have to find out who they are and whether you can become one.

How to Network Internally

Being on a new job, you  really want to make a lot of contacts quickly as you build your reputation as a hard worker. While you don’t want to be the girl in and out of everyone’s office, you do want to take advantage of those chances and opportunities that happen during lunch or while you’re having tea.

Keep your colleagues’ full programs in mind when asking for more substantial advice.

Create your Network Across the Company

It is very important to expand your network beyond your department or division. Meeting regularly with people from other departments is an ideal way to network and learn about other aspects of the business. Good relationships with more senior members of your company can also aid with promotions.

Using a Mentor Can Accelerate Your Networking

During the initial period a mentor can be of great help in extending your internal network. There are normally a couple of people who set the tone of the company’s value system and it is good to have at least one of them as your mentor and who can also  help in preparing you for your next step in the organization.

If you choose a mentor outside your immediate manager, you have to let your manager know.

Relax and Let Your Network Work

Finally, most of your internal networking efforts should be low-key and informal. “If you set up too many meetings too early, people will think, ‘What does she want from me?

Networking is important, but many other priorities will also compete for your attention in the beginning, so keep your eye on the opportunity to network!

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