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How to Keep Intimacy Alive In a Relationship

Many people underestimate the importance of intimacy and instead, prefer to focus on the materialistic and physical part of the relationship. Although these aspects are relatively important, they are not as essential as intimacy and the strong bond that it brings. If you feel a little lost and do not know where to start, here are some simple things that you can do to keep your relationship’s level of intimacy at its optimum.

1. Be generous

This does not mean buying your partner beautiful things and splurging on expensive meals. It refers to being generous when you give yourself away. Be generous when you share your time and feelings with your partner. Do not bother with mind games that involve who is going to say sorry first, who should pick up the phone to ask the other on a date first and so on. Remember that being in a relationship with someone is all about give and take, so do not bother keeping score when it comes to the bad things.



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