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Invest or Save: Where to spend your money on decor

When it comes to decorating our homes, it is a really personal process. After all, you’re creating a perfect space where you can escape to relax, spend most of your time, live your life and make memories. With all of this in mind, it can become an overwhelming process. With all the beautiful things available to us (Thanks Pinterest!). How do you start to decide what’s important and what’s not? How do you know where to invest and spend a lot or where to save and go for a cheaper option?

Well, we’ve got a simple priority guide for you. Since everyone’s priorities differ these are more guidelines than rules for smarter spending in your house.

Investment Pieces – Made to Last


There are certain décor pieces that need to be made to last because they are going to be getting used a lot. Furniture that you will be spending a lot of your time using, will need to be able to endure a lot more wear and tear than other pieces of furniture in your house. You might spend a lot of time entertaining in your kitchen so it would be important to have stylish and high-quality car stools and table. You might spend a lot of time watching movies or reading books so a good quality and comfy couch is a must.

The places where you spend the most time are the rooms where you want to spend the most to make sure your purchases last. We can all agree that your couch, bed and upholstered furniture get the most use and are worth investing a little extra for especially if you plan on keeping these for a long time, you can’t skimp on quality.

Questions to ask: Where do I spend most of my time? What items do I want to last for years?

Save on Accent Pieces

ffaba28343c55280de9ddecd1125363cAccent pieces are where you can really have fun in a space, and with a few small pieces you can change a rooms entire feel. Because this is so easy to do, you’ll want to do it often. As a general rule we don’t spend much on accents because this is where you can really save. Why spend hundreds of Rands on accent throws that you’ll likely change in 6 months’ time? Rather take those Rands and put them towards your dream couch or dining table.

Questions to ask: What are the items I switch out frequently? Is this item really important enough to justify spending X Rands or would that money be better spent somewhere else? Can I find something similar for cheaper?

Invest in Statement Pieces

There are plenty of ways make a statement in your room; there’s no denying that. So how do you know when it’s worth it? There are those times of clarity, when your vision for a room falls into place and you find that piece with that fabulous wow factor. All of a sudden, your room wouldn’t be the same without it. If you find your perfect statement piece that you feel will really complete a room, it’s okay to cave. It’s worth it.

Questions to ask: Does this item really “make” the room? Will this piece stand the test of time enough for it to be worth the spend or will it go out of fashion?

Save on Trend Pieces:


Trends come and go so it’s best to not go overboard. You might love metallic, but you don’t need everything in your home to gold and silver. Save on pieces you think are fun or of-the-moment. Any pieces that are currently ‘in’ will likely fall into the “dated” category at some point. When your favorite trend sees less popular days, you don’t want to look back regretting how much you spent.

Questions to ask: Do I already have some items that are part of this trend? Do I like this item because it’s trendy or because it’s my style? Is this item bound by the trend or could I repurpose it later?

Invest in Anchor Pieces


You’ve worked hard to create and design your beautiful space. This is where you wake up, and live a lot of life. Anchor pieces are worth the extra spend. If you have a design style in mind with a few statement pieces that would really set the tone for your design, don’t be afraid to invest in these pieces, because they help you keep your design consistent through your space. Maybe you’ve been dying to get some of wooden bar stools to set a natural earthy tone, or a Barcelona chair for modern vibes—do it! Build your design around these key wish list items to create a space you truly love.

Questions to ask: Am I comfortable with this piece setting the tone for the rest of the room? Has this been a long-time wishlist item?

Save On All The Rest


This will be up to you, but anything non-specific you can save on, whether it is necessary or it adds to the space. TV cabinets, extra seating, non-central tables, and storage pieces are all items you can save on.

Questions to ask: Based on the other decor decisions I’ve made, is this item high or low priority?

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