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Is a Female Motorcycle Owner Wild or Confident?

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Are women who own motorcycles as a means of transportation considered butch or sexy? Would you even contemplate getting on one? They type of bike referred to, is not the one owned by too many female students and young adults, where they place both feet in front of them.

No, the one referred to is the leg-over-bike, sexy and shiny “beast”. Most men fantasise about a long-legged beauty decked in leather from head to toe on one of these.

They both might have to wheels, but there is a difference between a scooter and a motorbike.

Scooters are somehow considered to be safe and dependable while motorcycles are considered dangerous and enticing. A woman who rides a motorcycle in most cases is labelled as reckless.

There is a quote that says, “Motorcyclists are organ donors”, do you agree? This is a huge generalisation that is meant to invoke a sense of fear in people to avoid riding motorbikes and it sometimes succeeds in doing just that.

In The United States, there are groups of people who ride bikes and form bike clubs so that individuals who like to ride can join them. It lends an exclusive aspect to it. There are similar clubs in South Africa, with some forming these clubs as charity organisations.

Some bike owners purchase motorcycles to form traveling clubs that aim to travel around the world on their bikes.

These are of course great initiatives and life time experiences that allow motorbike owners use their bikes on certain periods and not round the clock. But this should not be the only reason why women should own bikes.

Boys and their toys
A middle aged man who owns a motorcycle or a sports car is said to be going through a mid-life crisis or is finally enjoying his money after years of working and being responsible.

Young adults and men between the ages of 25-35 who own motorcycles are “sexy and care-free” individuals who are exploring their masculinity. There are always double standards where men and women are involved.

But forget all that, looking at fashion trends; the “leather look” is always in style. The biker jacket and leather boots are some of the most sought after clothing items by women because, there is an underlying sexiness to the outfit that women want to feel and portray.

A motorcycle would add on and complete that look entirely. Not that that should be the only reason to own a motorcycle.

Women have a desire, just like men, to do something adventurous in their lives before falling into the “responsible parent” phase of their lives. It is all about lifestyle choices and if owning a motorcycles makes you happy then why not go for it. A motorcycle is as much of a risk as driving a car on the road.

Thembakazi Mbobela

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