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Is Your Online Status Saying too Much?

Online Status

Social Media has become such a big part of our lives, both on a personal level and a business level. Why do we tend to say too much with our online status? We know that social media is great for keeping up with family and friends, but the question today is, are you too in love with social media and can the sharing of information become too much or even dangerous?

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It has a lot to do with self gratification and the need to be acknowledged or approved of by those around us. It can be so easy to get wrapped up in social media and share personal information that could put us, our families or even our jobs at risk.

So here are some guidelines:

1. Keep conversations private

Make sure to keep private or personal messages just that, private. If it isn’t something you would feel comfortable sharing in person with family, acquaintances, work colleagues or strangers, then it definitely should not be shared Often posts like these are made in anger and once the anger has worn off regret sets in but the damage has already been done.

2. Why I must be aware of site linking

There are many social media sites that are available to us today that can all be inter-linked. A post made on one site can transfer to another one of our sites without the blink of an eyelid. We need to make sure that the posts that we make are relevant to all our media platforms.

3. Is my company at risk?

We’ve just received a promotion at work and the first thing we want to do is share this with our online friends. If this news could benefit a competitor within the industry, we could be shooting ourselves in the foot. Any company or work place news should be kept private.

4. Am I putting my children in danger?

We all love to post photographs of our children but by not restricting our social media profiles, we are allowing predators to stalk our babies. You could be putting them at risk by adding a caption like “Jenny is now old enough to stay home alone!” or “Hubby is out of town this weekend, just the girls home al” It may seem farfetched but it is happening more and more often all around the world.

5. Checking in online

It is normal to want to share your adventures with your friends and family but by not putting your privacy settings on, you are publicising the fact that no one is at home. Burglars are sitting at their computers waiting for the go ahead.

6. Personal background checks

What we post online tells others a lot about our personality, traits, dislikes, likes, sense of humour, and hobbies. In today’s day and age, if you are seeking employment, I guarantee that the interviewer will have already perused your social media sites and made a decision based on that alone.

Sharing is the basis of social media and it can be wonderful, but it can also be problematic if it starts interfering with your wellbeing, your home or your family. We aren’t saying that sharing about ourselves is wrong. We’re saying that you need to be aware of what it is that you are saying online and the possible consequences, and then learn from your mistakes.

Written by Sarah Kantor

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