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Is Your Phone Ruining Your Love Life?

Phone Ruining Love Life

Technology has made our live so much easier, from transportation to communication, but we know that with every advancement of technology, there is some sort of the impact on society. So with that in mind we ask, is your phone ruining your love life?

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How Your Phone May Be Ruining Your Love Life.

  • If you are an avid user of social networking on your phone, you might be guilty of spending too much time, Instagraming, Tweeting, or Facebooking instead of being in the moment with your loved one. You may also be sharing far too much about yourself or your relationship that might make your partner upset. There is no need to make your relationship problems public on social networks and everyone needs to be careful of the pictures they post online.


  • Your phone can totally kill a moment of passion you and your partner may be having when you receive a call, a text or any alert and you decide to check what that alert may be. If the alert you have received is urgent, then looking at what it is is warranted. However, we become so sensitively tuned to every beep, ring, and buzz that even if it could be nothing we look what is happening on our phones.
  • Could there be anything more embarrassing than the dreaded drunk text. For those that do drink, stay away from your phone. A sure way to ruin your love life is to send unintentional and ridiculous text messages to your partner or worse your ex!
  • We know that relationships thrive on good communication, and if you are on your phone constantly and are not making time to talk or listen to your partner, you may find your love life in a rut.
  • Privacy is important, but when you have everything password protected, it comes across as you being overly secretive. What do you have to hide o phone?

How To Prevent Your Phone Ruining Your Love Life

  • You can set rules about when your phones may be I use when you are together. Switch off your phone when you are in the bedroom, eating together or when you have planned quality time together.
  • Try to be open about your phone activities with your partner. This is an easy way to build trust as it shows that you have nothing to hide on your phone.

In the end, you are responsible for the success of your love live and cannot blame technology for interfering. It all comes down to discipline and respect for your relationship. Your phone will always be important to you, but it should not be ruining your love life at all. Prioritise what is most important to you and you will see your relationships flourish!

Written by Busi Nhlapo

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