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How to Keep Fit This Festive Season

2. Festive Eating

fit festive season

This is also the time of the year where we tend to gorge ourselves on the delicious treats of the season. But rather than cutting out all these foods in order to stay in shape, you can make smart decisions about what you eat. Instead of going straight for the sweets, choose healthier snacks such as dried fruits, unsalted nuts and pretzels.

Think before you eat. By asking yourself if you really want it or if you’re eating just because it’s there, you’ll eat less. You can also limit yourself by choosing the right outfit. Don’t go for loose and elastic waistbands, if your waist band fits you in the morning it should still fit by night time. Don’t feel obliged to go for seconds; if you’re full it’s not impolite to turn down another helping.



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