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Kgomotso Matsunyane: Uncaptured, Uncensored

 With a career spanning decades, our high energy, fearless feminist tells it like it is. Kgomotso Matsunyane knew from an early age that she needed to pave her own road and chose to build her path on her own steam.

During an intimate conversation about who she is, her story and what she holds dear in her life, Kgomotso Mtsunyane revealed some refreshing and truly authentic perspectives on the world we live in. The formidable media practitioner is no holds barred and very clear about who she is. Unapologetically so. Her strength and resilience is admirable. If you’re lucky enough to be let into her softer side, you’d be met by a depth not afraid to bare it all.


The beginnings

Of her childhood in Soweto she recalls her days as the child star who adopted the nickname ‘Condensed Milk’ given to her by the children in her neighbourhood. This was a result of an advert she did. It is not known to many that Kgmotso has, interestingly. been on television since the age of six, a reality she jokingly says she deserves a Hall Of Fame Award for.


The “F”-word

Kgomotso Matsunyane is a feminist. No ands, ifs, buts, dilutions or mistakes about it. She runs a feminist production company and is currently working on a feminist library, which is a first in South Africa. She has always appreciated the emancipation of women.

‘At this stage of my life it’s quite clear that the work that I do has very much taken to a feminist slant,’  Matsunyane says.

When asked about various stances and ideals around feminism and whether these added value to the cause, she asserts the importance of the intersectionalism of female voices, advocating that all voices are important to the conversation.


Responsible use of media

A passionate fighter for a better world for women in the media space, Kgomotso Matsunyane knows the huge responsibility that comes with using her voice.  She admits that media practitioners should use their voices responsibly what with all the bias that exists in the dissemination of information. And, when it comes to broadcasting, she says you can’t overstate originality. Broadcasters need to give people authentic perspectives and speak truth to power.


What she tells herself when times get tough

Matsunyane speaks openly about the hard times she’s experienced in recent years. She’d gotten to a place where she had allowed the outside world to define her. She needed external validation and believed that her life would only have meaning if the recognition she wanted came from others.

Today she says one of the greatest gifts she received during this time came from a healer she had consulted. The healer sparked a revelation that has stuck with her. In that “ah ha” moment, she learnt that she lacked nothing and that everything she needed she had within her. “I lack nothing” has become a daily affirmation. Going through this hardship, Matsunyane says, made her realise that she could do anything in life, that no matter where she is in the world, she lacks nothing.



Cry, the beloved country

Looking at the current state of our country, Matsunyane came to the conclusion that the conceited nature of those in power  is what erodes society. She spoke of the reckless greed of those who hold public office and the lack of courage to speak out about issues that need to be interrogated and challenged.

So what does Matsunyane, proudly Uncaptured, think of the state of our country? She’s disappointed with the rampant corruption, the reality that funds lost to it will take years to recover and how painful it is that a children still lose their lives to pit toilets because of corrupt politicians who abuse state resources.



A seat at her table

When asked who she would like to have at her dinner table, dead or alive, she chose Nongqawuse, a Xhosa woman prophet whose revelations led to a fatal movement that culminated in the Xhosa cattle-killing and famine of 1856. Matsunyane  really wishes to know how Nongqawuse did it. She also yearns for a conversation with her Grandmother Louisa who she got her middle name from. Nina Simone is another dream guest of whom Matsunyane speaks fondly. She loves how she spoke her mind and was rejected by society for her powerful unfiltered voice.

Kgomotso Matsunyane continues to use her voice to improve the lives of those around her, taking it in her stride to shape the conversation towards a better South Africa. With an infectious personality, driven in her mission she truly is an inspiring woman.


Tune into Kaya FM’s afternoon drive show Uncaptured, Monday-Thursday, 3-5pm to discover more about Kgomotso.


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