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Learn Self-Discipline to Live a Purposeful Life

Self discipline

Us women often feel weak and out of control of what is happening inside and around us.  People want our attention and urgent problems need solving. Ignoring things to gain some control is not the way to go.

Rather try some of the advice below:

Ignoring things to gain some control is not the way to go. Rather try some of the advice below:

Never give up on your highest expectations.  Never lower your standards and accept a life that is not truly satisfying. Don’t accept compromises or mediocrity

This is not the way and if you do this, you are cheating on yourself, you are accepting a life that is “OK,” expecting to be happy. This is the sure path to an uninspired, uncreative life.

Keep Striving for the Best

The reward will be worth It – your reward will be a life truly worth living – but more important is that inner emotional reward. You will feel alive again and proud of yourself and your life will flow full of energy. You will suddenly get the right ideas and you will take the right actions

Your sole purpose on earth is to excel! Everything else is secondary. That means to be your best. To love, to grow, to give, to contribute, to inspire and to enjoy. But that will come only if you don’t settle for less, when you don’t accept mediocrity, when you demand more from yourself than anybody else demands.

How to Stay on Top of Your Life
We all go through stages where we are overwhelmed, but you must learn not to accept a compromise. Don’t accept a feeling of being out of control and overwhelmed, of not being able to stay calm.

You have to always consciously direct your life and keep your highest standards up.

Self-Discipline Gives You Freedom
Self-discipline is the one quality that helps you everywhere. If you have self-discipline, you will actually follow through with your plans. This is true power and it will give you reason to feel good about yourself.

When you understand that self-discipline will give you the freedom you’re so desperately longing for, you start to see what you will get from it, instead of what it costs you.
So understand that self-discipline is a part of yourself and of your core values, not something you have to fight with. That’s the real switch.

Comfort is Not Quality of Life
Living a comfortable life can lead very easily to staying in your comfort zone, which is not a place for growth. You need to rise to and accept the demands life is giving you.

Demands are there for a reason, and that reason is for you to grow.

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