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Limited Time? Here’s 5 Speedy Hairstyle Ideas!

Every woman can agree that having a bad hair day is essentially what ruins your entire look for the day, not to mention your mood. It’s amazing how much of an accessory ones hair is to their entire wardrobe. Here’s 5 Speedy Hairstyle Ideas!

When our hair looks good we immediately feel good, which goes with the saying, “look good, feel good!” But that can be tricky when you’re all dressed up but your hair falls flat on the occasion.

Here are a few Speedy Hairstyle Ideas to use for any occasion & weather conditions.

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1. The Fun Bun

Everyone knows that when you’re having a lazy day, the best way to fix your hair is with a messy bun. Medium to long length hair can rock this look on any occasion, a day at the office, the gym or an evening event. Make the look more stylish by adding a headband . Check this link for the perfect fun bun!

2. 5 Minute curls

Yes, you read right, 5 minute curls – the fastest way to curl your hair and look fabulous with clean or greasy hair. Pull the hair back in a classic ponytail, divide it into 5 sections and start curling piece by piece, spending at least a minute on each curl. Untie your hair tilt it forward then back again and see the volume and texture of your hair compliment your face. Here’s a how-to Tutorial

3. The Side Braid

Let’s get one thing straight, the side braid will never get old! So you’ll either love it or hate it. Fact remains it’s one of the most laid back, uncomplicated hairstyles anyone can pull off. Invest in a tiny hair tie, swoop your hair to the side, with side bangs or without, and look great without even trying. Check out this unique side braid tutorial

4.  5 Minute Beach Waves

As long as you have some dry shampoo, styling mousse and hairspray, you’re good to go. Yes, you’re having a bad hair day, but, what better way to flush the blues than with a splash of water and some refreshing spray to keep you looking fresh all day! Easy-peasy: Follow this link that will give you a step by step walk through on creating your very own beach waves!

5. The Twisted Hairband:

This is super easy, cosy and yet classy all at once. All you need is a headband that’s not too tight, your messy hair (clean or not) to pull off this style. First slide on your headband, take the back parts of your hair and start to roll it into your headband, while leaving out a few soft pieces in the front. Perfect for all seasons & occasions! See here how to.

Avoid bad hair days & Explore good ones!

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