Limiting Beliefs

Limiting beliefs are the culprits that hold women back from success, happiness and from their true potential. They are those sneaky thoughts that show up every time you feel inspired or motivated to go after your dreams, and they remind you of the fact that you are not good enough.

They’re like the barb-wire fence and solid steel bars that are keeping you in your prison cell.

Not only are your limiting beliefs insanely strong (deeply rooted in your mind), they also know some serious jujitsu because they’ll just evade your attempts to overpower them by brute force.

You know what it’s like, I’m sure you’ve tried many a time to brush your limiting belief aside. That voice pops into your head and tells you that you’re not going to make it, or you’re not going to succeed. You try to avoid it and go ahead anyway, only to fail. And then you make your limiting belief stronger, because you now believe that you’re not going to succeed.

Limiting beliefs are usually formed in the very early stages of your life (but this is not a requirement). It starts when you are exposed to a new situation or a new environment, and you first experiences in that new situation are negative or unpleasant.

If it was a once-off occurrence then it will likely not become a limiting belief. However, if you keep experiencing negative and unpleasant results in the same situation and environment, then you are going to start doubting yourself. You’re going to start wondering if the others are right and if there is something wrong with you.

As time goes on and you experience more negative results (the frequency of which are increased by the doubt you already have), your doubt starts to grow stronger and stronger, until it reaches the point where it is a rock-solid belief that has become deeply rooted in your mind. It has become part of your identity.

At this point it’s basically like you have no free will. You are a slave to your limiting beliefs. Even if you do manage to follow your heart and take action towards your dreams, your limiting beliefs will subconsciously cause you to sabotage your progress and send you back to your old self (which then only serves to confirm and strengthen that limiting belief).

To sum up, a limiting belief is any thought and belief you have that tells you that you can’t do something.

Every thought you have that tells you something is impossible or that you are destined to suck at something forever is a limiting belief. (This does not mean that you should defy common sense and for example try to jump out a plane without a parachute because you have a limiting belief that you can’t fly naturally).

The first step to removing your limiting beliefs is to identify them – you need to know exactly what thoughts and beliefs you have that stop you from being happy and from reaching your goals.

For example, are you happy with your financial situation?

If not, then why not? Is it because you believe it’s hard to make money? Is it because you believe that you are not smart enough to set up your own business? Is it because you think you can’t get a better job?

All the above are limiting beliefs. Once you have identified your limiting beliefs (in all areas of your life; business, dating, social, health etc.) then you can start working on removing them.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to observe yourself and try to identify your limiting beliefs.

Everyone has at least one, but some have dozens. I used to have so many limiting beliefs, and I’ve slowly worked my way through them. I still have limiting beliefs today, and whenever I discover one I immediately work on removing it.

Step 2 is removing your limiting beliefs.

Personally I find that the best way to remove a limiting belief is to prove that it is irrational and fake. You do this with concrete proof and logical evidence.

Find examples of people who have achieved what your limiting beliefs say is not possible.

If you think you are poor because you are dumb and don’t have a degree, then make it your mission to find 3 or more dumb people without a degree who are making a lot of money.

If you are massively overweight and you think it’s impossible to get in shape and become healthy, find 3 or more people who used to be overweight and managed to get slim.

And so on and so forth. By doing this, you prove to yourself that your limiting belief is exactly that…a limiting belief. Now you can say to yourself, “They are just a person, and they were in my situation. If they can do it, then so can I”.

Keep in mind that your limiting beliefs are very strong and very skilled warriors. They will not be easy to defeat and kill, especially not in the first confrontation.

It’s going to take time and repetition of you proving your limiting beliefs wrong. It is your duty to keep proving your limiting belief wrong (by thinking of the people who you use as an example) every time it appears.

The more you prove your limiting belief wrong, the weaker it becomes, until it eventually fades away and has no power over you anymore. And a bonus is that once your limiting belief starts to lose its power over you, you will become more confident too. This way, the reinforcing circle becomes a positive one, where your actions boost your confidence which in turn boost your results which boosts your confidence even more, etc.

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