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How Long Should You Wait to Sleep With a Man?

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Okay, so you think you have found a good man who ticks all your boxes. He listens to you, smells good, and has a good job as well as a healthy relationship with his mother. Although you have not known him long, you feel a real connection growing between the two of you. But, hold on! How long should you wait to sleep with him? Here are 3 answers to help you tackle this tricky question.

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1. As soon as possible

Although, society has come a long way and we as women have more freedom than ever before. We can still feel pressure to keep the bank closed as long as possible. This may be because we feel that holding off sex raises our value in the eyes of men or just because we think it will allow us to get to know them better. But the longer you can play the waiting game does not automatically make you a phenomenal partner. What if we are simply placing too much importance on the waiting idea? What if you just have sex with a man early in the dating game? After all, sex is a big part of getting to know the person you are with. Knowing all the essential parts of him can help you decide if you really want him or not.



2. As long as possible

Now I’m not talking about waiting for a century but sometimes it is better to get to know him a bit better before you get down. He may seem to have a dazzling personality now, but not so much after seeing him interact with his friends. This can be especially helpful if you are not actually sure whether he is really into you or not. If you want a long term relationship then you can wait it out to determine whether he just wants the cookie or you. If he is just around in the hope of having sex then he will probably be out of the picture very soon. It may be cliché but for most of us, emotions and logic become muddled up after we have had sex with someone. This can make it difficult to make a responsible decision about the person in your life when you have not given yourself enough time to do so.

3. Just go with the flow

This is probably not the answer that most people would want. But you are the one who truly knows when you will feel totally ready to go all the way. The truth is that if a man actually likes you it will not really matter how long you wait to have sex with him, he will still be interested in you. But if all he wanted was to get in bed he will probably disappear no matter how long you make him wait. Do what makes you happy. This means that you should decide your boundaries for yourself and when you will take things to the next level. If he has peaked your sexual interest, go for it but if you feel that you need more time that is okay too.

Deciding when to sleep with a man can be very difficult especially when there is a certain choice that we feel pressured to choose. Everyone is different just like every situation is different. So these were 3 views that will help you to decide just how long is enough.

Written by Noma Mtebele

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