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Look 10 Years Younger by This Weekend

look 10 years younger

Want to shave a decade off your appearance? Steal these look-younger tips that don’t involve knives, needles or wrinkle creams.

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Paint Your Nails to Get the Hands of a Teenager

The trick: Wear rings, and polish nails with classic shades. 

Why: If your hands feel naked and blah without a couple coats of nail polish, there’s a reason for that. A study shows that women who wear nail polish are perceived as younger than their true age. Subjects were asked to guess women’s ages judging by photos of their hands alone; 49 percent of the subjects said women’s hands looked younger when wearing nail polish. Another surprising tidbit: Wearing rings make hands look even younger.

Try: Keep those regular manicure appointments, and keep nails rounded and short (not longer than the edge of your fingertip) for the most youthful look. Red, light pink and creamy nude shades are timeless and universally flattering as long as you pick a shade with a complementary or neutral undertone. Steer clear of grungy neutrals like greige or army green or very dark shades like black or navy. 

While you’re at it, keep the skin of your hands looking as youthful as possible with a spot-correcting, broad-spectrum SPF hand cream.


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