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Look 10 Years Younger by This Weekend

look 10 years younger

Try This Coloring Technique to Look Naturally Baby-Blonde

look 10 years younger

The trick: Get golden highlights. 

Why: Blondes may not have more fun, but they do look younger, at least according to men. A study shows that men perceive women with lighter hair as being younger than they are. Experts believe this has an evolutionary basis: Because hair naturally darkens as you get older, young people are most likely to be naturally blonde.

Try: Replacing the ombré color trend that swept the beauty world: babylights. Picture super, super thin highlights, hand-painted from root to tip in the balayage style, resulting in born-with-it, baby blonde color. The thinness of these highlights make regrowth look less obvious, which in turns makes the color look naturally yours — unlike single-process color and foil highlights, which create obvious-looking contrast at the roots when hair grows.

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