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Look 10 Years Younger by This Weekend

look 10 years younger

Wear This Scent to Look Seven Years Younger

look 10 eayrs younger

The trick: Wear grapefruit-based fragrances.

Why: When men are sizing you up, they follow their noses. In a study performed by the Smell and Taste Institute (yes, it exists) in Chicago, women wearing grapefruit extract were perceived by men to be an average of 6.7 years younger than their actual ages.

Scent turns out to be a powerful influence where dudes are concerned: They judged women wearing vanilla extract as more overweight and lazier than subjects wearing different fragrances. Who knew? 

Try: If you don’t mind a strong grapefruit note, Jo Malone Grapefruit is a great option. Fragrances like Tocca Cleopatra  contain subtler notes of the fruit.

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