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Look 10 Years Younger by This Weekend

look 10 years younger

Do This Mind Trick to Look 12 Years Younger

look 10 years younger

The trick: Meditate regularly.

Why: Those who regularly meditate experience all kinds of mind-body benefits, from lower stress levels to reduced risk of heart disease. Another benefit: They’re hotter than everyone else.

Experts have determined that meditation practitioners have a biological age (which includes factors like skin elasticity) of between five to 12 years younger than their true ages. Scientists aren’t totally sure what, exactly, keeps meditators looking young and fit, but one likely explanation is that meditation curbs the fraying of telomeres — aka DNA damage — which may inhibit physical aging.

Try: To find out which type of meditation is right for you and how you can get started, try these easy tips. Also, if you’re a techie, smartphone apps like Take a Break are helpful for getting into the zone.

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