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Look 10 Years Younger by This Weekend

look 10 years younger

Get Rid of This Accessory to Lose Half a Decade

look 10 years younnger

The trick: Trade your glasses for contact lenses.

Why: Just in case you were wondering, those thick-framed hipster specs aren’t doing you any favors. Like, any. 

Research indicates that glasses make people look an average of three years older. What’s worse: The older you are, the older they make you look. Subjects older than 45 were judged as five years older than their true age when they wore specs. Ouch.

Try: Contacts aren’t for everyone, but new developments in technology are making them easier to wear. Hate taking out your lenses before bed? Products like AirOptix Night & Day Aqua are approved for extended wear for 30 days. Can’t be bothered to care for them? Buy daily disposables like 1-Day Acuvue. 

Whatever lens type you choose, practice good hygiene: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently released numbers indicating that eye infections from contact lenses are responsible for 1 million doctor appointments and ER visits every year.

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