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Look 10 Years Younger by This Weekend

look 10 years younger

The Skin Issue That Makes You Look Like a Grandma (Hint: It’s Not Wrinkles)

look 10 years younger

The trick: Even out your skin tone. 

Why: Many women bemoan their wrinkles as the reason they look older, but science says skin tone has more to do with youth (or lack thereof).

Experts say the main reason people are judged as older is not because of wrinkles but because their skin tone is not uniform-looking. Hyperpigmentation from sun damage or hormones is usually the culprit. And it’s not just your face: uneven tone on the neck and chest are also dead giveaways of age. 

Try: There are tons of foundation, powder and concealer products for making the skin on your face look more even. Now there are also products geared toward making the skin on your body look more uniform via pigments and light-reflecting particles. The new body BB creams use sheer pigments and light-reflecting materials to create the illusion of more even skin. Any self-tanner can help skin look more uniform.

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