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Look Awake in No Time

Sometimes it takes more than a strong cup of coffee to make you look like you got your eight hours the night before. Puffy eyes, sallow skin, and droopy lids are all signs of a less-than-restful night.

Between the regular run of meetings, lunches, conference calls and deadlines, the incessant notifications coming into our bedfellow buzzing phones, Netflix-athons, and our occasional insomnia (ß likely a byproduct of the Netflix, let’s be honest), that elusive REM sleep is well, as elusive as ever. At this point we pretty much consider blinking to be the equivalent of tiny little naps

Here’s the thing (and we’re guessing you guys are in a similar boat): we don’t really make plans to sleep (guys, the interweb is just so distracting). And while we’re not so convinced our bodies will ever get used to continuously interrupted snoozing, we’d like to think there are a few things we can do to at least look alive.

More often than not, 3 shots of espresso takes care of our energy levels on the inside but it’s our bloodshot dark-circled eyes and sleep-deprived skin that give us away every damn time. And because getting ourselves out of bed at 7 AM is kind of a requisite, we figured we should find a way to mask, or better yet, cure (for a little while anyways) our lack of Zs.

De-puff the eyes

Absolute must when you need to look refreshed on few zzzz’s. Here are a few ways to depuff those eyes:

  • Splash face with ice cold water.
  • A simple trick to stimulating circulation under the eyes is to freeze a couple spoons. In the morning, place one spoon under each eye for thirty seconds. This is going to help bring down that fluid and make you look … well, more awake!
  • Get a cold, soft washcloth and soak it in chamomile tea. Chamomile has anti inflammatory properties. Let it sit on your face for a minute or two, and it will reduce swelling.
  • Try caffeine eye cream!
  • A bag of frozen peas. This will do the same thing as the spoon trick, but the bag of peas will nicely contour the eyes.

Use concealer

Concealing the dark circles under the eyes is an absolute must. Instead of applying it directly under the eye where your dark circles are, you’re going to apply it from the tear duct down to the bottom of your nose and up to the outside corner of your eye, creating a triangle shape. This will make your eyes look more open and bright, as opposed to just putting it on the dark spots.

Lash out

Adding length and volume to your eyelashes is a quick way to brighten up those eyes. MYou essentially add extra fibers to your lashes and seal them on with some transplanting gel. Takes a few extra minutes, but it’s totally worth it, and the new volume and length really brights up and opens the eyes, making you look … well, more awake!

Use a citrus body wash

Citrus fruits pick you up. They’re packed with vitamin C and can increase energy and alertness. Simply smelling a citrus fruit can trick your brain and shake your senses. An easy way to wake yourself up in the morning!

Add volume

When you are super tired and haven’t slept well, you want to draw the eyes up. It will create the illusion that you’re bright eyed and bushy tailed. Pulling the hair up will also pull up on your skin around your hair, giving you a small face lift

Wear color—but it has to be the right color.

Super-drowsy mornings are not the time to reach for neutrals. Black won’t do you any fresh-faced favors, as it can cast dark shadows on your face, while the wrong shade of white will make you look washed out. Instead, it’s key to choose a color that will flatter your skin tone and give you a healthy flush. Choosing the wrong color, though, can actually make you look more tired.  Here’s a quick breakdown:

If you’re cool-toned: Choose jewel tones: shades of blue, pinks, purples, blue-greens, magentas, blue-based reds, or pure whites.

If you’re warm-toned: Choose earth tones:  yellows, oranges, browns, chartreuses, army and deep greens, orange-based reds, or ivory.

Drink as much water as you can during the day.

It’s not rocket science: If plants — which are living things — wilt without water, we will too. Try keeping a large water bottle at your desk throughout the day and refilling it each time you’re done. Water hydrates our organs and our brain, so we’ll not only feel more awake, but look it, too. Plus, all those trips to the water cooler (and the bathroom!) will keep you moving.

And of course, never forget the power of make-up. Here are some of our favorite everyday make-ups


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