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How to Look Good Without Makeup

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Women wear two kinds of makeup: the kind that covers up, and the kind that reveals. We are more likely to wear concealers and foundations when our skin appears are blemished, dull or uneven, and feel the need to slather on mascara, eyeshadow, blushers and lip stains until all our best features are enhanced. The secret to look good without makeup is therefore learning how to maintain even, radiant skin, and giving center stage to your best features.

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Minimize your pore size

On of things we are most eager to disguise with foundation is enlarged pores. There is nothing that can permanently reduce the size of your pores, but when they are exposed to dirt and oils, they will appear larger than usual. There are a few ways in which you can shrink them on a daily basis, such as using ice cubes to tighten them, or using a deep cleansing device such as a Clarisonic.



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