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Love on the Mad Max Set


Love has been found on the blockbuster set of the new Mad Max movie. Stunt doubles for Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy met, fell in love and even got married!

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Dane Grant was on set during rehearsals for a fight scene (as WarBoy) when he spotted Dayna Grant. Dayna Grant has been Charlize’s double before during the Snow White and the Huntsman movie. “I saw Dayna straight away—she was the only girl from New Zealand and she stood out like a sore thumb,” Dane told stuff.co.nz. He recounted the super cute moment when he “saw her bag with her name on it and my opening line was literally, ‘Hi. I see you’re Dayna. I’m Dane.’ That was about it.”

“So the two of us were doing this—dare I say – very S&M-type fight, it’s a love/hate mixture between these characters,” Dane continued. “They’re very close, there’s chains, they’re holding each other in very intimate positions, and the longer we were doing it the more we’re kind of eyeing each other up.”

So not only are they stunt doubles for two gorgeous actors, but their names are also remarkable similar: Dane and Dayna! It was love at first sight for the now happily married couple who literally fell for each other while fighting on set. These two New Zealanders have been married for 3 years now and have a 14 month year old son named Ryder.

Actress Riley Keogh met Ben Smith-Peterson on set and the couple too fell in love and got married.

Love was clearly on the set of Mad Max for these two happy couples!

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