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Maintain the polarity of your relationship


To keep sexual chemistry alive in your relationship, remain feminine in your relationship and true to your feminine essence.  Allow your man to be the man in your life.

The feminine essence is: Loving,caring, spontaneous, crazy, unpredictable, free, fun, mental, dramatic, turbulent, shrieking at the sight of a mouse/spider/creature with more legs than yourself, outspoken, honest, vulnerable, raw, carefree, real, weepy, emotional, a hurricane, self-expressed, creative, chatty, babbling and making no sense, cooking, loud, noisy, peaceful, sexy, goddess-like, mysterious, a dancing nymph, wanting to be comforted, nurtured, supported and loved.

The feminine essence is not: controlling, overly organized, bossy, nagging, changing light bulbs (even if she is perfectly capably of doing so), killing snakes, doing manly chores that require power tools, silent, talking about her emotions instead of feeling them, too intellectual, so damn independent that a man will sense she doesn’t need him (sadly, he will be right).

I know for myself when I first looked at this I wanted to get sick. I grew up rebelling against my father’s autocratic way;listening to my mother say things like “I made my bed, now I have to lie in it” I wanted to ensure I stand up for woman’s lib and our rights.  I had to get that it’s not one OR the other – I don’t have to give up standing for woman’s rights in order to be in my feminine essence.  But it does take thinking about it in real situations in my life and re-training myself – ‘unlearning’ the well-practised, seemingly automaticreactions.  I am now spending time learning about polarity – something that previously was in my blind spot.  And I can see that my teenage rebellion against my father’s apparent power in the household influenced my behaviour that in effect emasculated my husband.  And it’s life long learning – it takes practise and practise and practise!

Focus on remembering these points whenever you feel your man slipping away from you. Step back into your feminine essence and he will come straight back to you.

Till next time, when we will find out about maintaining separateness and moving to your own rhythm.

Sending you a big hug!

Mandy Russell – Small business Performance Coach and South Africa’s Divorce Angel – has over a decade’s experience in the personal transformation arena leading seminars to thousands of people. Having been through her own divorce, and realizing how much she underestimated the trauma; Mandy is making this extraordinary programme available to women in Africa with it’s high divorce rates and huge demands on women to be breadwinners and head up single parent households. For more see www.nakeddivorce.com

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