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Make some Smart (and yummy) Food Swops


Holiday foods tend to be heavy, calorie-laden foods, but there are some sneaky swops you can make that don’t compromise the flavour.

•    Use chicken or vegetable stock for ultra-creamy mashed potatoes instead of cream or butter, or even better,
•    Mash cauliflower in place of potatoes (it’s just as rich, but you’re not getting as many calories).
•    Drink white wine spritzers (add soda water to your wine) rather than full glasses of wine.
•    Cook stuffing outside of the bird to save calories, baking it in a baking tin allows for instant portion control.
•    For any recipes that call for cream or sour cream, use low-fat yogurt instead.
•    Top puddings with vanilla frozen yogurt rather than ice cream.
•    Roast veggies to bring out their best flavour so you don’t need to add extra fat later. Try parsnips, turnips, butternut, sweet potatoes and even brussels sprouts.

Add flavor without adding fat
Butter, cream, sour cream and cheese are synonymous with holiday cooking but they don’t have to be. There are other, much more waistline-friendly, ways to add flavour to your dishes. Instead of higher-fat flavourings, go heavy on the fresh and dried herbs, aromatic spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and even curry powder (great in mashed sweet potatoes), lemon and lime juice, good-quality balsamic vinegar, low-fat yogurt and soy sauce.

By adding more low- and no-fat flavour, you’re creating dishes that taste good – with half the fat.

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