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How to Make Today a Better Day Than Yesterday

Reasons Why Attitude Determines Altitude

Sometimes all it takes to improve your day and make it better than the last is to make a few small changes. This can be as simple as bearing in mind a few life lessons that can help get you by, Make Today a Better Day Than Yesterday

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Treat every day as if it is special

Often it takes a really bad day to make us truly appreciate a good one. Your alarm clock fails to go off. You’re officially running late and for no apparent reason the hot water tap only lets out cold water but to your chagrin you are already in the shower and are forced to endure what feels like a freezing onslaught. You’re late for work and what follows is disaster after disaster.

The next day however is a complete turnaround – the definition of serenity – and suddenly we are grateful to be alive and are fully prepared to carpe diem, amongst a host of other witty sayings that reminds one to do something vaguely resembling fulfilling their potential.

But why wait when today can do for you what tomorrow cannot? Simply be present so you make today as meaningful as all those other special days.

Look out for the hidden gems

Sometime the best moments in life are not the ones that are immediately apparent. We have to actively seek out the simple joys in life, the hidden gems. In a series called Rectify, a man says to the main character Daniel Holden “it’s the beauty that hurts you the most son. Not the ugly”. He was referring to a clay statue that was in the middle of a forest.

Of course this statement was context specific. It also had a far deeper meaning beyond what they were visually seeing and for the story developing in the show, but it had a greater significance. This is because it reflected what we, if we are lucky, get to experience in life in that something so beautiful can be derived even from something so ugly. It helps to be open to it and not be dismissive of all the bad things that happen to us.

Don’t wait to be prepared

Sometimes it pays to take the plunge, there is only so much preparation you can do before you actually just need to get on and do it. Capitalise on your excitement and drive to get you started and help push you further. A fundamental difference exists between those who are successful and those that are not despite the fact that we all start in the same place. That is that winners chose to start.

Embrace the help and advice of others

“No man is an island…” a poem by John Donne begins and essentially emphasizes the idea that not only are we who we are because of the people we are surrounded by and get to interact with on a daily basis, but we are also connected to our surroundings. This makes it difficult to imagine one’s success being derived solely from an individual’s internal desire.

Therefore we can never discount the people around us that shape our environment and influence us in order for us to reach our goals. One should remember never be too quick to dismiss a helping hand or forget those that do their part to help make our lives better.

Make Today a Better Day Than Yesterday.

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