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Makeup Tricks to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

Makeup tricks bigger eyes

There are few things more eye catching than a pair of gorgeous big sparkling eyes. If you are interested to have a pair of those, we have collected a few fine tuning tips to add to your makeup routine to emphasize your eyes and make them look larger.

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White eyeliner/eye shadow

Applying white eyeliner or white eye shadow to the inner corners of your eyes will make the whites of your eyes look bigger and brighter. Alternatively, you can use white eyeliner on the inside of your lower eyelids. Both methods will instantly open up your eyes.

Extending your lashes

By curling and extending your lashes, you remove any obstruction (in the form of your lashes) from your eyes. For a really bold, doe-eyed look, apply false lashes. This will add a little thickness and a lot of drama to your eyes.

Negative-space eyeliner

Negative-space eyeliner creates the illusion of big eyes because it creates a really unique look. It instantly draws attention to your eyes because it’s so dynamic.

Colour play

Coloured eye shadows or eyeliners make eyes really pop. Just make sure the tones you choose complement your outfit, hair and skin tone. When trying this trick out, stick to lighter hues as light shades advance while darker shades recede. This means that light shades will make eyes appear bigger, while darker shades can make eyes appear smaller.

If you’d like to make your eyes look bigger, there are several ways to go about doing that: all it takes is adding some of these tips to your makeup routine

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