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The Male Brain Explained

male brain

Do you ever find yourself feeling confused by your man or any other male on this planet? Whether it is because of what they say, do, or even what they are not saying or doing. Men can have us scratching our heads and we want to know why. Let’s see what the male brain can tell us about the men in our lives.

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He is all quiet

Does it ever get on your nerves when you just want your significant other to talk to you but he just will not let you in? According to research on brain activity from Johns Hopkins University the cortex is less developed in men compared to women. This layer of the brain is important in language and recognising appropriate cues in interactions. This may mean that he places less importance on conversation than you do. So do not immediately take it as a sign for the worst, but he may genuinely not have much to say about even the most important topic.

He does not remember things like you do

Men and women may actually remember things differently. Women process memories through the left amygdale which places importance on emotional highlights. However, men process past events on the right side which puts less importance on details and more on a minimum of what needs to be known basis. He may not remember the shoes that you wore to your first date or the song that you danced to. But he will remember that you looked great and he wanted to see more of you.

He loves violent movies and sports

There are plenty of women who love to watch a good wrestling or boxing match, but it seems as if men really really love the stuff. According to a study in Psychology and Behaviour this may have to do with testosterone in the brain. When watching intense scenes men’s hypothalamus becomes stimulated by testosterone which can result in aggression. So that’s why he gets so aggro when he is watching a game between Chiefs and Pirates or Stormers and Bulls.

He will absolutely not ask for directions

Okay, maybe this stereotype is not exactly true but it turns out he has got it covered anyway. Men have connections within hemispheres while, women constantly link from left to right. This seems to give men better spatial abilities, which makes them excellent map readers and estimators of space and distance. So next time you need to go on holiday, it may not hurt to let him pack the bags and navigate the trip even if you find yourself in a rut for a little while.

  1. His man flu may actually be a thing

You know when he has a cold and nags you into being his personal nurse while he not so quietly writhes in pain? Well, it turns out that it may actually be that bad to him. Men have more temperature receptors in their brains than women which means all those moans are caused by really bad flu symptoms. So next time he falls victim to man flu remind yourself just how much you love him and make him all the chicken noodle soup he needs.

Men and women seem to be “wired” in different ways because some parts of the brain is much more dense than others. Whether this may be because of biological or social factors, it sure can cause confusion between the sexes. Hopefully with these 5 ways to explain the male brain you can understand him a little better.

Written by Noma Mteblele

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